Weeds and Leaves Be Gone

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How do I keep weeds and leaves out when building my raised beds?

Weeds and Leaves Be Gone

You've staked out a star-shaped spot where you'll be building raisen garden beds. The only problem: weeds. You keep spraying and mowing, pulling and yanking, tossing and turning, but you can't get rid of weeds and grass. Lawn grass can actually remain when you're building raised beds. HGTV's "Small Solutions" showed viewers how to build raised bed gardens with stone.

Gardening expert Marianne Binetti uses stacking cottage stones that you can place directly on grass. Binetti covers the grass with soil as you normally would in building raised garden beds. However, if you have a weed problem and lots of foliage, you wonder how to build a raised bed garden without clearing the soil, which is firm and ideal.

You can actually spread old newspapers on the ground--especially since you don't have time to read them because of your weed woes and learning how to build a raised garden. (Too bad--there was a tip on gardening on page B6.) Or you can use gardening cloth--just trim it in a star shape and do the same if you use newspapers. Then, you fill the star with soil. Mound the soil heavily and add compost just in case the weeds break through! So quit worrying about weeds and start enjoying building raised garden beds.



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