Kid-Friendly Gardening

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Are raised gardens good for families with kids?

Kid-Friendly Gardening

Your mom sent you to your room because you ran through her rhubarb. Now, your mom lives with you and she's yelling at your kids for running through the rutabagas. What do you do?

One of the advantages of raised bed gardening is that you can place raised garden beds or garden containers in high-traffic areas on your lawn, so kids don't squash the squash. You can lay out a raised bed from north to south to catch the sun, which works well if your kids like to zigzag north, south, east and west. You may have scattered the vegetables in various beds--it's all you have time for between work, your kids, your wife and your mom. But grouping the veggies and flowers together is perfect for the weekend warrior. You might even build a raised bed so your mom can enjoy organic gardening too. Your kids can even join in with less mess.

If your kids, your spouse and your mom complain about the manure you use for organic gardening compost in your flower beds, you can easily switch composts, since raised gardens are actually easier to fill and care for than conventional flower beds. Also, one of the advantages of raised bed gardening is that you keep out pests, which means your kids won't bring creepy-crawlies in the house for your mom (and you) to swat. You and your mom do agree on something after all! Now all you have to worry about is your kids and your mom bickering over who can grow the best chrysanthemums.



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