Raised Flowerbeds and Organic Gardening

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Is organic gardening good for flowers in raised beds?

Raised Flowerbeds and Organic Gardening

You know that organic gardening is great for fruits and veggies--while you're not feeding the world yet, you're feeding your extended family, which feels like the population of the world. But is organic gardening in raised garden beds good for flowers?

Intensive organic gardening, as it's popularly called among green thumbs, is one of the advantages of raised bed gardening. The bed shape of a raised garden increases the growing area for flowers as well as vegetables. Also, you can plant rows of foxgloves close together after you've added your organic gardening compost. Close placing of plants is a key element in intensive organic gardening as long as you don't overcrowd--with all your relatives at your house, you feel like you're overcrowding already!

Now that you're growing flowers in one of your raised garden beds, you can cultivate beautiful roses that respect the environment and the seasons. Plus, you can stop and smell the roses in between all that harvesting of veggies and fruits. The garden is a perfect escape from the crowd.



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