Veggie Tales of Raised Bed Woes

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What vegetables don't grow well in raised beds?

Veggie Tales of Raised Bed Woes

Oh no, cry the characters of Veggie Tales, Laura Carrot and Larry the Cucumber. We've raised ourselves up, but can we thrive in a raised vegetable garden? Why are there no herbs in Veggie Tales--isn't the herb garden worthy of illustrating moral lessons? But we digress.

Actually, all veggies will grow well in a raised bed vegetable garden such as one that's four feet by four feet or is triangular. The exceptions might be squash varieties, also certain types of fruit such as melons, which need large spaces and wider, longer raised bed gardens.

However, you can include carrots and cucumbers when you plan your vegetable garden design and herb garden design. Asparagus in particular benefits from a raised vegetable garden. After all, everyone is welcome in God's kingdom, and everyone can be raised up. Although we have a few questions for Larry and Laura about the herbs...



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