Raised Gardens and Fish Ponds

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Can I plan a raised garden around my fish pond?

Raised Gardens and Fish Ponds

You've heard of the not so big house, how about the not so big lawn? You've always wanted a koi pond or fish pond...but you plan to place it in the middle of your unruly garden bed. Impossible? Not with raised gardens! Once you've cleared the space for your fish pond, you can think about garden planning and raised garden bed design.

Since most fish ponds are made of stone, it makes sense to use stone garden landscape edging for an organic look, especially if you want to surround your fish pond with a raised garden bed. We suggest a semicircular raised garden bed if you use stone garden edging, since you'll want to be able to feed the fish.

You might include a stone bench in place of the remaining landscape edging--perfect for your garden and your fish! Now you have a peaceful fish pond and the not-so-big lawn, so you can spend more time watching fish and cultivating a Zen state of mind.



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