Aluminum Siding and Landscape Edging

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Can I use aluminum siding as landscape edging?

Aluminum Siding and Landscape Edging

Aluminum siding's no longer for cottages, houses and double-wides, as well as telemarketers who call during dinner! You can buy aluminum garden edging in a variety of fashionable colors, and it's extremely durable. Some garden planning enthusiasts frown on aluminium--too ugly, too industrial.

A landscape edging system of interlocking joints and composite timber is prettier and just as durable. When you're doing your raised garden bed design, whether you only have a small trailer lawn (let's hope not with a car on bricks) or a big maintenance-heavy backyard, you can consider easthetics as well as practicality. Aluminum siding may create a uniform look if you use it for garden landscape edging, or it may look out of place if you have a stone house.

On the other hand, composite timber or stone can dress up a mobile home park. Aluminum garden landscape edging is also:

  • Environmentally friendly
  • Flexible if you change the shape of the garden
  • Warp-resistant
  • Easy to work with to create smooth curved lines or crisp straight lines
  • Designed to last a lifetime

This is not the ugly aluminum siding you remember as a kid, this is landscape edging aluminum siding. Give that telemarketer a break--just don't give any info out over the phone or you could lose more than your plants. Protect your identity, protect your garden.



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