Vegetable Spacing and Garden Planning

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If I'm planting cauliflower, how large a garden do I need?

Vegetable Spacing and Garden Planning

You bought that perfect couch, but it's too large for your house. Oops. You have difficulty judging space. Don't just rush out and buy or select landscape edging before you select your plants. Determining what you'll plant is part of your vegetable garden plan and good raised garden bed design.

You may have only 4 feet by 4 feet if you buy a raised garden kit with wood garden landscape edging. Planting experts recommend that, for example, cauliflower and cabbage plant centers need to ber 15 to 18 inches apart. Overcrowding with your plants will wear out the soil faster and prevent your veggies from thriving.

Similarly, that huge sectional is blocking you from walking through your living room. Don't guess at how much space you have--grab your handy measuring tape, and remember, objects appear a lot smaller in a wide furniture store or online.



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