Spikes of Power for Flowers

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Is plastic edging with spikes good for flowers?

Spikes of Power for Flowers

You hate to box up your flowers in stone or wood garden edging...you're a flower child and flowers should be born free. The problem with leaving flowers out on their own is, they get eaten and trampled by predators. You're a mellow chick with few rules (although you won't let your kids watch TV at all) and you want to surround your nasturtiums, lilies and amaranths with plastic garden edging. You dig the idea of the plastic white picket fence type garden landscape edging.

If you drive the spikes down in the dirt, you can block out the burrowing gophers--sorry, little dudes. Part of your raised garden bed design strategy is to keep those flowers safe. The flowers may poke out and get mixed up with a bad crowd.

If you want to loosen your restrictions, you might try natural garden landscape edging like mondo grass--just make sure it's higher than the soil and the actual plants. How high? Not sky-high, but enough to guard the flower of freedom from the establishment. Long live the sixties and if you're going to San Francisco, pick some flowers from your groovy garden and wear them in your hair.



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