Only You Can Prevent Soil Erosion

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How do I keep my soil from eroding?

Only You Can Prevent Soil Erosion

Soil erosion isn't a glamorous topic--unlike forest fires, with Smokey the Bear's basso profundo. But to your garden plants, soil erosion can be as threatening as a three-alarm blaze. Some judicious soil preparation in raised bed planting prevents the sun and the wind from stripping the soil off your squash.

When you're deciding how to garden and what to garden, buy moisture holding polymers to use in raised bed gardening. Moisture holding polymers, available in white granules, lock in moisture. You've seen how a dry forest can be threatened by a stray campfire. If you could sprinkle moisture holding polymers in the forest where you're picking up your litter, you would.

These soil savers work better in an enclosed space, since there's a heavier concentration. Just be sure, when you're deciding how to plant a garden, that you don't sow the polymers along with the seeds--the polymers can push the seeds out of the soil when you irrigate. Add polymers during your soil preparation. Only you can prevent soil erosion...and please, put out your campfires.



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