Mulching and Succession Planting

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When I'm doing succession planting, how do I mulch?

Mulching and Succession Planting

Get a little more height, raise up your radishes (tip: not too high, and always cover the root ball), and your problems will be over, right? You thought having a two-story home would be ideal, but you have to clean twice as much. Similarly, you have to maintain your raised garden, especially if you're doing succession planting.

All the experts on how to garden agree that mulch, like manure and compost, will ease the task of gardening raised beds. Raised beds drain quickly and have better soil, but you'll want the right soil preparation when you're succession planting. After you harvest the spinach, you want to plant kale.

In your raised bed planting, make sure you supply plenty of mulch at the base of the bed and around the plants. This will take care of any weeds that somehow got past the raised bed foundation. Mulch also:

  • Prepares the soil for succession planting with nutrients, especially in summer
  • Makes the soil friable or crumbly without drying out
  • Warms the soil--be careful since raised beds already warm up faster and plants for the winter months don't like heat
  • Keeps plants thriving in raised beds since you plant one to three more rows-per-foot than normal when planting raised beds

And that height? Raised beds tend to dry faster, while mulch conserves moisture, so be sure to install an irrigation system for plants that like plenty of moisture--plants that require low moisture in succession planting will benefit from mulch and raised bed planting.

Gardening raised beds for succession planting is easier in the smaller space, but still requires gardeners' aids such as mulch. Just as you need to vacuum those stairs and wash the upstairs windows. Still, when you look out over your tomatoes and then your winter lettuce, the height is worth it.



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