Pollution and Raised Beds

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How do I protect raised beds against city pollution?

Pollution and Raised Beds

Think urban pollution can't affect you because you have a rooftop raised garden bed? The brown in the air may soon brown your celery and horseradish plants. Sadly, even though the EPA encourages raised beds in cities to combat global warming, industrial pollution affects us all.

Here are our raised bed gardening technique ideas and a raised ged gardening tip or two to help youre plants stay pollution-free:

  • Cover crops are an excellent gardening technique to filter out pollution and promote soil health.
  • Soil tests are essential to raised bed gardening, especially in cities.
  • Ever consier that gardening technique might contribute to pollution? Use organic and natural fertilizer as well as compost.
  • Use a HEPA air filter indoors and prevent any pollutants from the street from reaching your garden.

You may not be able to move into a pollution-free paradise, but you can keep your plants thriving.



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