Raised Garden Kits and Terraced Gardens

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Can I use a prefab raised garden kit for a terrace garden?

Raised Garden Kits and Terraced Gardens

You'd like to construct an elaborate terraced garden on your hillside a la the Villa Gamberia and the Villa D'Este, but you don't have the lira--actually, Italy switched to the Euro. You don't have the Euro, but you do have a prefab kit for elevated gardens. Will it work when you're building a terraced garden?

Prefab garden kits tend to work best on level ground, unless you choose a "stepper" in which you would have to mound dirt and build a high timber base anyway. It's difficult deciding how to build a terraced garden when you have limited resources, which is why step-up kits are terrific for elevated gardens. You can also use tires and blocks of stone to form an elevated garden.

It's not quite the elaborate design scheme found in a palazzo or with the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, but it will help you make the most of gardening on a slope without blowing your Euros. Ciao bella!



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