How High Does This Elevated Garden Go?

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How high should my elevated garden beds be?

How High Does This Elevated Garden Go?

Everyone's talking about slant, spin and bias. The only slant you're concerned with is the slope where you're creating your terraced garden designs. While pundits blather on cable networks about how to beat Big Oil or win the war on terror, you chatter about how to build a terraced garden. When you're building elevated gardens, you only need to know two angles--and no, they aren't "liberal" and "conservative." You need to know:

  1. The rise of the slope--the vertical distance from the bottom of the slope to the top.
  2. The run of the slope--the horizontal distance between the top and bottom.

Remember your geometry? Plot the rise and run on a graph. Say that your rise is ten feet and your run is twenty-four feet. You can build six beds that are four feet wide (the ideal width for a raised bed and terraced garden). Each elevated garden bed will be 1 2/3 feet high.

Knowing the slant isn't always a negative. in your case, it keeps you away from the TV so you spend more time planting fresh vegetables! Hey, that's one way to cut your food and gas costs.



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