Raised Garden Bed Attachments

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What do I do if my raised garden bed abuts my house?

Raised Garden Bed Attachments

You're often accused of being too attached to things...you take in all the neighborhood strays. Naturally you need a garden to feed all the people who drop by. But you have little space and so you have to position your above ground garden against the house. How do you make your open-ended garden attractive while you're nourishing the neighborhood?

You can remove the side of a custom or pre-made raised bed garden kit, and add a finishing sleeve so that when you're making raised bed garden boundaries, you have the illusion of a back border. For a DIY raised bed garden, add a cornerstone, concrete block or wooden post. You need your raised bed garden close to the house so you can grab the tomatoes and dice them for the salsa or soup! Attached? No--you're just warm and loving.



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