Can't Break the Mold?

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Am I stuck with the shape of a raised bed garden kit?

Can't Break the Mold?

It's typical: Whenever you order something, your needs change the next day. That computer was obsolete two seconds after you took it from the box. You ordered a single-tier raised garden bed kit, and the next day your honeybear decided not to remove the grass on the lawn. Making raised bed garden, like making your computer faster, seems impossible.

Actually, here's a tip: Clean up all the extra applications Dell or Compaq installs on your computer--you won't use half of them. Get a cable or broadband connection. As for raised garden beds, you can send them back, can't you? Ah, but what if you can't exchange them? Even a DIY raised garden bed can suffer from lack of planning. What if you have to expand your above ground garden to eight feet and you only planned for four?

Many raised bed garden kit sellers will allow you to customize your kit or order additional timbers or tiers. You can use stackable joints to build a second tier on your above ground garden to combat that grass problem. You have your new superfast computer and you have raised garden beds that work. You know how to adapt to change--but gaining two pounds after you bought that killer little black dress? Now, there's a change that makes you want to build more raised garden beds to work off the weight.



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