Kits and Kids

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Are raised bed garden kids good for school kids?

Kits and Kids

Kids...they're too cool to garden, right? Actually, teachers have been making raised bed garden projects in several schools, especially urban schools. Can kids become miniature George Washington Carvers and do a DIY raised garden bed?

As with any project, raised garden beds require adult supervision. But kids love the idea of creating an above ground garden that they can check on every day and watch plants growing. A raised bed garden kit with the square foot method may be easiest for teachers to implement, since results are controlled. Some no-kidding tips:

  • Make the frame manageable, no larger than three feet by three feet.
  • Use a raised bed garden kit with plastic timbers, which last longer and are easier to work with.
  • While you're waiting for kit delivery, have kids start seeds at home if they're slow-maturing. Fast-maturing vegetables may be easier for kids to manage and report on once you get the raised garden beds.
  • Don't feel you have to buy a kiddie raised bed garden kit. The standard ones you can buy from manufacturers will work well.

Kids are more in touch with nature than we imagine--give them the gift of growing something on their own, with a little help from a raised bed garden kit.



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