Trellis Tricks and Tips

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Do I build a trellis at the same time I build my raised bed?

Trellis Tricks and Tips

You love beans so much you're even fond of Mr. Bean--who woudn't love that dry British humor from Rowan Atkinson? Now you want to grow pole beans and bush beans in your above ground garden. You've always been told you need a trellis.

If you're making a DIY raised garden bed, do you tack your trellis onto your timber? If you build your trellis at the wrong time when making raised ged garden projects, you can end up in one of the comic misadventures of Mr. Bean.

The DIY Network recommends that whether you use a raised bed garden kit or a DIY raised garden bed, you build your trellises after you build your raised garden beds. Install trellises and tepees at the same time you sow your beans. DIY Network suggests that you build three-pole tepees to avoid disturbing roots. After all, we don't want to get Mr. Bean in a spot or a cock-up, do we? Cool beans!



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