Lost in a Maze

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Can I create a raised bed garden in the shape of a maze?

Lost in a Maze

You saw "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire." You just had to have that maze to keep people from discovering the secrets of your gardens. Alas, there are no prefab maze kits for raised garden beds that feature pugilistic shrubs.

If you're making raised bed garden mazes, you can't buy an all-in-one raised bed garden kit, and you're not a magician who can connjure up a DIY raised garden bed. However, you can buy several different shapes and varieties of a raised bed garden kit and arrange them in a maze, assuming you have the lawn space of Hogwarts. If you don't, you may have to settle for planting several raised garden beds around a path intersection and an octagonal above ground garden in the center.

You can create a mini-maze--buy overgrown shrubs that reach out to grab you, add a Harry Potter cutout, and voila, instant magical maze. However, if you start stunning people who wander into your garden, we'll be tempted to sic the unpleasant Professor Snape on you.



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