Rebecca On...Raised Stone Gardens

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Does Rebecca have advice on stones for raised gardens?

Rebecca On...Raised Stone Gardens

You're a good friend and you want to help when you see your galpal gardening organic and wanting to protect her soil and plants with stone borders. What do you do? Call Rebecca Kolls, celebrity gardener host of HGTV's "Rebecca's Garden"! She and celebrity gardener Paul James have several answers for the gardening-challenged and the people who love them.

Rebecca advises that if you're doing organic gardening and want to transform a flat, unappealing space, a stone raised bed garden is an attractive choice. She recommends tumbled concrete, anchor Windsor block, 6- to 18-inch field stone boulders, or if you're willing to spend extra to help your friend, solid granite.

She cautions that you need to use a layer of crushed limestone for the base. Oh, and a qualified hardscaper from a stone yard works too. Besides, that qualified hardscaper is cute, and your friend's been wanting love in her life. Just call you Cupid. With a little help from Rebecca's Garden.



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