Paul James On...Demolition-Free Raised Beds

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Does Paul James have any tips for keeping raised beds safe?

Paul James On...Demolition-Free Raised Beds

Your fifteen-year-old has a learner's permit. You want to do organic gardening and have just planted a raised bed along the driveway after you watched "Rebecca's Garden." Now, to protect your investment and keep gardening organic, you need to watch celebrity gardener Paul James.

A raised garden bed is hard to miss...except if you're a teenager or a frustrated salesman. Paul James has planted a minigarden with a stone border and a limestone boulder to anchor his front yard. He plants a Japanese maple at the boulder base and a dwarf conifer--both will festoon the rock borders with tranches. Around the edges, Japanese-painted ferns will act as a "Stop" sign for any reckless driver. But then, your teenager just ran the stop sign at the end of the block, so you may want to surround your raised garden with police barricades and charge a $50 fine for accidents.



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