Paul James on...Small-Scale Organic Gardening

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How do I garden on a small scale?

Paul James on...Small-Scale Organic Gardening

Think a grand garden such as celebrity gardener Peter Strauss' Ojai Eden is ideal? Ah, but you don't have a vast supply of Miracle-Gro. And even celebrity gardener Paul James had to downsize. Who says celebrities don't live in the real world? Rebecca Kolls from Rebecca's Garden also plans manageable prrojects if you're intent on gardening organic.

Paul James chose to compost and plants several minigardens for organic gardening. In his organic veggie garden, he only tackles one section at a time, and the same goes for his perennial garden: pruning and weeding the upper portion today, finishing the lower portion tomorrow. He also plants low-maintenance green stuff, and adds mulch for easy care.

To live like a celebrity gardener, you don't have to be big or extravagant...just give your plants a lot of love and you'll have a sense of accomplishment. And as we've said, don't forget the Miracle-Gro!



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