Paul James On...The Shape of Things

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What shape garden does Paul James like?

Paul James On...The Shape of Things

You shape your garden and your garden shapes you. Preferably not with a curved spine--that's why celebrity gardener Paul James and his cohort celebrity gardener Rebecca Kolls of "Rebecca's Garden" like raised garden beds for organic gardening. Paul James prefers the raised hill for gardening organic so that water doesn't run off and doesn't puddle to the point of stagnation.

A raised-bed builder makes raised hill gardens simple. Of course, the shape of your bed will depend on your plants and the growing season. A flat-top bed will combat dry spells by holding in water thanks to a lip on both sides of the bed. A shallow furrow in the center of the bed adds definition and helps retain moisture.

The other alternative is the recessed-pan garden, in which Paul James creates furrows that he then sows seeds or plants transplants in. The furrows themselves are water reservoirs! You've formed your garden, but your garden will help you grow.



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