Raised Bed Garden Size

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How large should I build my raised bed garden?

Raised Bed Garden Size

Now that you're building raised beds, you can make them as large as the rainforest, right? Only if you plan on rainforest-sized problems! A raised bed garden can be as large as your yard, but you still have to tend them.

In dispensing advice on how to build raised bed gardens, HGTV's "Seasoned Gardener" Chris Dawson suggests building raised garden beds that are no more than four feet wide and ten feet long for easy reach and warp-free frames. You can build several of these beds in a star or horseshoe pattern, say, but you might want to stick to a consistent size for each.

If your beds seem too small, check for information on how to build a raised garden with the plants you've chosen. The plants themselves may be too large. If you build the rainforest, you may just have developers tromping through your backyard, along with Greenpeace activists--so choose a small piece of the rainforest and be happy that you've done your part to save endangered species.



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