Raised Beds and Organic Gardening

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Are raised beds ideal for organic gardening?

Raised Beds and Organic Gardening

While commercial plant companies may hawk fertilizer and other products that might harm the soil (and your plants if you use too much), organic gardening will usually promote soil aeration and healthy fertilization. This isn't just another anti-big industry rant--we're fond of Miracle-Gro and its spokesman, actor Peter Strauss, who likes organic compost material.

Strauss advises that if you have acid soil in your raised garden beds, you don't necessarily have a pollution problem. In fact, acid soil is great for organic gardening because acid soil is chock full of organic material. If you live in a heavy rainfall region such as Seattle, your raised bed gardens will get plenty of water, and the acid soil will be evenly saturated.

A raised bed garden makes placement easier and you don't necessarily have to bring in new soil. You can just add your organic gardening compost, and, as Strauss says, just let the decomposition process take place. Voila, your plants are nourished. And a few drops of Miracle-Gro won't hurt either.



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