Mix It Up Organically

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Isn't organic gardening difficult when you mix compost?

Mix It Up Organically

Composting sounds like a big pain. What you'll do for fresh vegetables and environmental consciousness...it's easier to just slap on some fertilizer and enjoy your garden. Or buy the overpriced organic products you're not convinced works anyway. As Jay Leno jokes, "How lazy and fat are we getting in this country?"

Don't worry--now that you've stirred yourself off the couch to make a raised garden out of orange crates, you'll find organic gardening easier. You made large raised garden beds, because you like to supersize. The problem, as Paul Avent explains, is that large gardens need more organic gardening--and no, you can't just slap it on top.

Fortunately, with a well-defined area, you can thoroughly mix organic gardening compost with the soil--that's one of the advantages of raised bed gardening. You don't have to lift a statue, prune a tree or move anything if you don't want to. Think of it as mixing cake batter in a huge bowl. After all, you actually like to cook--that microwave cooking never tasted right anyway. You're not lazy--you just want a simple solution. Ah, the laxy man's raised garden...genius.



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