Flowers and Vegetable Gardens

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What flowers complement vegetable gardens?

Flowers and Vegetable Gardens

You've raided the seed store and brought back tons of vegetables for your vegetable garden: onions for the sides of the raised vegetable garden, basil for your herb garden design or to mix with the veggies, carrots and beets to alternate in rows. But you forgot the flowers. For your anniversary too. You were so busy planning your vegetable garden design that you didn't pick up a gift.

Better think roses...and for your herb garden and vegetable garden, calendula, French marigolds and nasturtiums. You can keep these flowers even when you harvest the onions and plant lilac-type flowers or salad greens. Calendula and nasturtiums promote vegetable growth in a raised vegetable garden.

You plant your vegetables and flowers...your better half is pleased, but even more thrilled that you remembered your anniversary. See, gardens are beneficial for the brain as you age!



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