Succulents and Raised Beds

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Do succulents do well in raised beds?

Succulents and Raised Beds

Succulent isn't just a gastronomic's a type of plant with fleshy stems and leaves. You may want to grow cacti even if you don't live in the Southwest--believe it or not, people actually eat cacti, which you can plant in a raised herb garden or raised vegetable garden.

In particular, the appetite-suppressant hoodia has attracted a lot of attention--though because of its foul smell, you may not want to consume it with your salad! Vegetable garden design with raised beds can include succulents, which are suited to raised beds because of the excellent drainage a raised vegetable garden provides.

You'll need plan your vegetable garden so that your succulents have the right soil--you may want to grow your cacti in cactus soil just to be safe. Plant clinatro in your herb garden and kale, lettuce or spinach in your raised vegetable garden so that you have the ingredients for a delicious cactus salad. Just watch out for the spines. Mm-mm. Succulent...and healthy.



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