Small-Seeded Crops, Big Problem?

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How do I design for small-seeded crops?

Small-Seeded Crops, Big Problem?

Big things come in small seeds, or from little acorns, great oaks grow. You're not planting oaks in your raised vegetable garden, but the priciple is the same. Because of the increased planting time, quicker rotations and excellent soil advantage, a vegetable garden with raised beds works well for small-seeded crops.

A flat-top bed is the ideal raised vegetable garden design for small-seeded crops that need lots of water with great drainage. You can grow chilies, carrots, broccoli, tomatoes, lettuce, ryegrass (also known as an excellent cover crop for organic gardening) with ease in a flat-top herb garden or vegetable gardens. Small-seeded crops such as raspberries will benefit if you plant a trellis above your raised vegetable garden.

You can also plan small-seeded herbs such as chamomile and coriander with a flat-top soil raised bed herb garden design. Give your small seeds a chance to grow into great oaks!



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