Don't Mix Them Together

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Can I plant just any kind of plants in interplanting?

Don't Mix Them Together

You know the situation. You put your friend who likes the beach and the Beach Boys together with our friend who loves the slopes and heavy metal, and you have a problem. Knowing how to plant a garden, especially a raised garden, with plants that like different types of moisture is the key to interplanting, or mixing several different types of plants when you're gardening raised beds.

Careful soil preparation can help you keep your begonias from bailing and your squash from shriveling. Too bad you can't reach the same level of compromise among your friends. Some tips on how to plant a garden raised bed with mixed company:

  • Plant melons beneath pea plants so they don't crowd each other.
  • Don't plant asparagus and borage in the same raised bed, since asparagus is a heavy drinker and borage just sips. If the soil is too moist, borage will wilt.
  • Don't plant endive with carrots if you're planning to compost the soil with lots of nutrient-rich peat moss--plant endive when you harvest the carrots. Your one friend loves the Las Vegas buffet and the other one is perennially on a diet.
  • Don't plant a fast-maturing plant with one that takes time to ripen--you don't want to disturb the roots of the still-growing plant.

You know how your beach-worshipping friend hates to be awakened before nine while your ski buddy is raring to go at five a.m.! You successfully mediate between your two pals and you're all still friends to this day. Now if your oregano and cucumbers would only get along...



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