Tilling the Soil? Don't

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Do I need a tiller to maintain my raised bed?

Tilling the Soil? Don't

Raised beds are maintenance-free. Right, you think, and I won't pay any APR for a year when I buy a new vehicle. Actually, the beauty of a raised bed gardening technique is that a raised garden bed requires little maintenance. Regular watering--check. Succession planting--check. Organic composting every season--check. Tilling the soil? While some raised bed gardening aficionadoes use a rototiller, our raised bed gardening tip is that a rototiller isn't necessary.

The soil will be fluffy and aerated as well as nutrient-rich if you follow the composting gardening technique. Most gardeners can get away with a spade and trowel, especially for a 4" x 4" garden. For deeper gardens, however, a rototiller might help maintain soil aeration and composition.

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