Self-Watering Raised Garden Bed

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Should I buy a self-watering raised garden bed?

Self-Watering Raised Garden Bed

Self-cleaning ovens, self-cleaning cat litter boxes--we expect everything to be automated. Sometimes this is beneficial. Sometimes it isn't--ever tried reaching a real person when you have a query about your banking? As if a raised garden bed wasn't simple enough to maintain, some companies now manufacture self-watering raised garden beds as a way of eliminating the watering guesswork from your raised bed gardening technique.

You already use time-release fertilizer to streamline your raised bed gardening. Shouldn't you buy a self-watering raised garden bed? While we wouldn't vehemently warn you against automated gardening technique, especially if you have several raised beds, here's a raised bed gardening tip: Automation works best if you use similar families of plants with similar water requirements.

Some plants will require weekly watering, others need a daily dose of H2O. Also, the soil in raised gardens dries quickly because of the increased heat factor. Still, one of the advantages of raised bed gardens is the protection against overwatering. Just be sure to check the water gauge so that your water supply doesn't vanish.

You have automation with your raised bed gardens. And while you still like to talk to a customer service rep, you've discovered that you enjoy paying your bills online. Time to get out and play in your gardens!



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