Carrots or Cucumbers?

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Which vegetables can I plant in a container vegetable garden?

Carrots or Cucumbers?

You've been told you have a green thumb. Sadly, your lawn isn't green--your lawn is rocky and small. Container vegetable gardening can let you raise the lettuce without taking out a loan. What types of vegetables will fit in your container garden design?

Quick-maturing vegetables are best--we like leaf lettuces to line your window box. Fill the center with snap beans--here's a handy container gardening tip: build trellises that won't obstruct the view from your window. Your snap beans will need support.

If you like thinking outside the box, you can plant tomatoes in a container garden tub--agains, you'll need a tepee frame or trellis. When container gardening with vegetables, know the growing season--you'll need to harvest and store your vegetables quickly, especially if you follow the principles of succession planting.

Your green thumb is itching to garden and pluck some silver leaf beet. Go forth, be fruitful, er, veggie-ful, in your container garden.



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