Designer Vegetables for Container Gardening

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Are there vegetables designed just for container gardening?

Designer Vegetables for Container Gardening

You've heard plenty of dispute over genetically modified foods, and you frown on crossbreeding dogs--puggles, for example. You'll take good old fashioned regular veggies or container vegetable gardening.

Not to upset your ethics, but here's a container gardening tip: You can plant veggies especially designed for container gardening without feeling like Viktor Frankenstein or Dr. Moreau. Or Attack of the Killer Tomatoes. Celebrity gardener Paul James likes to plant baby broccoli, baby carrots, tomatoes, cucumbers and melons. Although some container garden experts frown with a naturalist's ferocity on planting melons and other spreading plants in a container garden or even a raised bed, master gardeners typically know what they're doing.

If the idea of such selection makes you nervous, you can go for a nice rustic wooden basket and plant some aturally spreading spearmint or lettuce. We don't want you screaming "It's aliiiiive" or "Soylent Green is PEOPLE" at the top of your lungs so that you're mobbed by GMO opponents.



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