Royal Untreatment

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Can I use untrated wood for my DIY raised bed?

Royal Untreatment

You're a born DIY--you watch HGTV and the DIY network.

Your only problem in making a DIY raised garden bed: listening to conflicting advice. Don't use untreated wood for an above ground garden. Use a raised bed garden kit. Don't use prefab raised garden beds. When making raised bed or vegetable garden plans, you may just have to work with whatever you have. Untreated wood is generally frowned on because it may rot or carry diseases. Plus, it isn't as watertight, so the soil may leach out--however, treated wood has toxin warning labels.

You'll typically use redwood or cedar, which are leak-free and rot-free, but if they aren't available, you'll have to make do. When creating a DIY raised garden bed with untreated wood, DIY yourself a favor and line raised garden beds with plastic liners to prevent soil loss. You can do this for raised garden beds made with redwood and cedar too.

Listen to conflicting advice? Not you--you just listen to everything and decide what works. Now if you could turn a deaf ear to your mom insisting that the paint in your living room is the wrong shade...



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