Rebecca On...Fairy Gardens

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Does Rebecca have any advice for creating a kids' garden?

Rebecca On...Fairy Gardens

Kids love minigardens, but how do you create your own fairy garden or dollhouse garden that's easy to care for if you're gardening organic? Rebecca Kolls, celebrity gardener host of "Rebecca's Garden," likes minigardens as much as fellow celebrity gardener Paul James does. Some hints from "Rebecca's Garden" for creating a fairy minigarden:

  • Use a dollhouse for charm.
  • Plant several miniature herbaceous wonders such as bonsai trees and sego palms. Adults and kids will benefit from raised garden beds for easy care.
  • Plant miniature vegetables. Add organic gardening compost first, plant, and mulch!
  • Create winding paths to give kids and adults convenient access.
  • Plant container gardens in the ground, then dig them up again in winter if you live in a cold climate. Return container gardens to the soil when winter's over.
  • Place a raised bed in a readily visible location to mark the start of the fairy garden.
  • Add whimsical accessories from garden centers and miniature shops, and you're done!

The challenge? Keeping the adults out of the garden so the kids can play!



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