Rebecca On...Mushroom Compost

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Does Rebecca have any tips for working with mushroom compost?

Rebecca On...Mushroom Compost

You stayed away from mushrooms ever since that incident in college. But Portobello won't make you see dancing pink elephants. Neither will mushroom compost. Mushroom compost is a raised bed garden's best friend and a container garden's best best friend. You started a raised bed garden for organic gardening. But you've heard mushroom compost is high maintenance. Better talk to a celebrity gardener such as Paul James or Rebecca Kolls of "Rebecca's Garden" on HGTV.

Rebecca says that mushroom compost is wonderful and 100% organic, since it comes from the soil that's used to grow mushrooms. It includes gyspum and that gardener's friend, peat moss (sphagnum), which 'shroom growers often root their mushrooms in. Mushroom compost is also a readily available organic gardening amendment for raised gardens because you can only grow one mushroom crop before you have to toss out the soil.

So mushroom compost isn't high-maintenance, which makes it perfect for gardening organic in raised beds. Also, you won't have to worry about a repeat of the time you redecorated your room in soda cans.



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