Rebecca On...Container Gardening

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Does Rebecca have tips on container gardening?

Rebecca On...Container Gardening

You've boxed yourself into a corner with limited yard space. Until you can move and have a home on the range, celebrity gardener Rebecca Kolls of "Rebecca's Garden" extols the benefits of window boxes and container gardening. If you want raised bed gardens, take celebrity gardener Paul James' hints for gardening on a small scale. But Paul James uses pots and contaienr gardens too.

Rebecca likes windowboxes for organic gardening with color. When gardening organic, remember that soil and plants need to be well-drained. Rebecca favors boxes with drainage holes and screens or broken pottery to cover the holes and prevent soil from clogging the drain.

Speaking of soil, if you're gardening organic on a budget and holding over old soil, Rebecca recommends adding new soil so that the box is nearly full, and then incorporating amendments. To hydrate soil, Rebecca mixes in polymer crystals. Once the soil is prepared, Rebecca plants a mixture of three types of flowers and veggies:

  • Plants that give you height
  • Plants that cascade over the side
  • Plants to fill in the box

While you're waiting to move, you can use the advice of a celebrity gardener to add curb appeal to a small space, so you won't be boxed in when it comes time to sell that house!



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