Paul James On...Planting Mistakes

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I bought plants on sale and can't plant them, can Paul James help?

Paul James On...Planting Mistakes

Celebrities make mistakes, otherwise tabloids wouldn't exist. You;ve made the mistake of buying autumn ferns and Siberian iris at the grocery store during the winter. You were distracted by the whole Paris Hilton thing. We understand. Actually, we don't, which is why we prefer to watch celebrity gardener Rebecca Kolls tend "Rebecca's Garden" and learn about "Gardening By the Yard" with celebrity gardener Paul James.

Actually, in his zeal for gardening organic, Paul James often brings one too many plants home--as opposed to other celebrities, who bring one too many lovers or illegal substances home. Paul James can just use his organic gardening skills to create several temporary minigardens, or nursery beds, to house his impulse buys until they mature or the season changes.

His autumn fern, for example, is almost an evergreen, so winter won't bother it when it's in its nursery bed. And if friends give him plants out of season, he can always give them space in nursery beds. You may eventually want to build raised garden beds using tools Paul James favors: the corner connector and the inline connector.

These two tools prevent corners from collapsing and boards from warping, so you don't have to dig up your plants again and place them in nursery beds. But while you're building a raised bed, nursery beds are excellent temporary homes. Now if someone could only cover up Tom Cruise's mistakes so efficiently.



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